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Chatting Wonky Veg and Carbon Footprints with Foodchain

September 11, 2019 Real Kombucha / Foodchain Season 1 Episode 8
The Real Podcast
Chatting Wonky Veg and Carbon Footprints with Foodchain
Show Notes

In this week's Real Podcast, Jon went to chat with Foodchain's Amelia Christie-Miller. Foodchain are a fascinating new company based in London, working to put sustainability, zero waste and provenance at the heart of the food industry.

Click the button above to hear how Foodchain has been connecting Miles, an expert forager, with London’s best chefs, how they're working on ways to reduce the carbon footprint involved in bringing your food to the table. Hear how they’re helping small suppliers and producers to grow their business, and how they're working on ways to reduce plastics and packaging in the restaurant supply chain.

Find out about Reffetorio Felix and Feast Fairly, Foodchain's unique pop-up events that are putting wonky veg and at the top of the menu – celebrating the barbecued pollock collars of this world!

There are even a couple of foodie tourist sightseeing recommendations thrown in, as well as a discussion on who the future Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstalls of this world might be...

Strap on your ear goggles and watch out for low-flying aircraft! It's going to be a busy one.

A bit more on Foodchain

Foodchain is working to build an incredible network of suppliers and restaurants, making sure that the food that arrives on your plate is not only the best quality available, but also has incredible provenance and travels on a low-impact journey. On top of that, they run Feast Fairly, a heavenly foodie idea that sees produce unwanted by the big conglomerates arriving on menus prepared by some of the most innovative chefs.

We first heard about Foodchain via our good friend, Jamie Park, who insisted we explore them on our podcast. If you have a subject you're passionate about that you insist we explore on our podcast, too, get in touch via our contact page.

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